Are shoes with wheels bad for your kid’s feet and ankles?


For more than a decade, shoes with wheels have been quite popular among kids and teenagers. Although the trends have calmed down, there are still options for children that like to wear wheels from time to time.

Most parents are concerned with the health issue since doctors have spoken on various occasions about the problems caused by excessive wear of wheels among children. It’s no wonder that you feel uncertain whether to let your child wear wheeled shoes or not.

The reason why shoes with wheels are a ‘must-have’ for many children and teenagers is that there are several brands that manufacture them and the models they produced come in bright and appealing colors. The shoes look awesome and allow the kids and teens to walk, glide, or run over all sorts of surfaces. You can even look at online video tutorials that teach the young ones how to become pros in handling the wheels.

Even though they are sold worldwide and feature an interesting look, parents should be worried about the safety of their children given the large number of injuries recorded in various countries. Some of them suffer severe fractures that need a long period of recovery. Which leads to a medical conclusion that kids can’t walk properly when wearing heeled shoes.

The explanation is quite simple. Normally the heel touches the ground when we walk, thus given out stability and decrease of pressure placed on the entire skeleton. Wheels, however, prevent this natural process and forces the child to lift their knees quite similar to how horses walk which has negative consequences in the long term.

Unlike roller skates or roller blades, that are only worn occasionally, shoes with wheels can be seen at so many teenagers walking down the street.

The real danger is not in the unnatural way of walking but in the way these type of shoes force the neck and head to stick out, putting a strain on the muscles located in the shoulder area. By placing too much pressure on the heel they cause the ankle to become weak and the create pain in the lower back.

When they first appeared, wheeled shoes were an instant hit because parents believed that these items would make their children more active and less prone to obesity. Unfortunately, some of them continue to support this buy purchasing shoes that feature wheels for their kids, without understanding the risks and the safety issues.

There are medical experts that suggest trying to find new ways to make children get rid of the wheels, at least a few days a week. Parents can prompt their children to take ice or roller skating lessons, which are more healthy for their overall body development.