Are sports drinks healthy or should you steer clear of them?


When I started my home training routine, I was all about my body. I wanted to increase my resistance and strength and build as much muscle as possible. While both of these goals were unrealistic because I didn’t set out with a challenge in the long run in mind, the problem was that I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated properly.

I used to think that drinks like Gatorade and others are good for you, and that’s because they have loads of electrolytes. But one day, I realized that I didn’t have the least idea of what electrolytes really are.

Once I started doing a bit of research, I was shocked to discover that many of the drinks that are recommended to sports aficionados and athletes are actually rich in sugar and many other substances that are anything but healthy. Why in the world would I want to drink something sugary when I’ve just completed a two-hour workout?

Of course I’m dehydrated, but honestly I would rather drink a gallon of water instead of anything else. What I mean by this is that some drinks, and I am definitely not saying that all of them are the same, are just as ‘healthy’ as Coke.

I went online and looked for some reasons water is better than sports drinks. For one, it doesn’t have any calories, but it does hydrate the human body. These days, vitamin water is becoming more and more popular, and so I told myself that there should be some ways to make your own at home. I quickly found out that you can make your own cashew milk, for instance, or get your electrolytes from water and seeds, nuts, and fruit.

Obviously, I’m no longer interested in going to the gym, mostly because it costs money that I can save. Once I bought my kicking bag and a variety of other equipment, I decided that going to the gym three times a week was counterproductive because I could do everything I wanted in the comfort of my own basement. So, my case is unique because I don’t get exposed to the variety of sports drinks available in gyms. You know how those places are packed with refrigerators right at the door just in case you’re feeling a bit tired or thirsty. Therefore, the temptation no longer exists.

Honestly, I would much rather have a cup of coffee for a bit of extra energy once in a while than drink something that contains so many calories and sugar. Some of these drinks can have as many as two hundred calories, but water literally has zero.