The benefits of jumping rope


Jumping rope can be easily considered one of the best exercises out there. Whether you want to burn some calories, or you have no idea how to include some cardio in your routine, this is easily an idea you can apply. In case you’re still on the fence whether you should include jumping rope in your exercise regimen, here are some great reasons in its favor.



Scientists agree: there’s nothing like jumping rope when it comes to burning calories

They said it, not anyone else. I’m talking about scientists here that claim to know that 10 minutes of jumping rope are the equivalent of burning calories to jogging for 8 miles. So, who are we to contradict them? With an average of 0.1 calories consumed per jump, there aren’t too many other exercises out there, capable of faring better.


Jump Rope for Heart tells you about enjoying better cardiovascular health

There is a program called Jump Rope for Heart created by the American Heart Association, over 25 years ago. Jumping rope is, according to health care professionals, the perfect arch nemesis against heart disease and stroke.


Ideal for other athletic activities

Fitness specialists who insist on the importance of including jumping rope into your routine say that this type of exercise will improve your stamina and will prepare you well for other athletic activities. They state that while jumping the rope, you are building body awareness, which means that you will know, at any point, where your feet are.

This simple thing will connect your body to your brain while exercising, in a way that will develop healthy habits. You will find your balance better, and you will experience better coordination, as a result.


Developing bone density

Other fitness trainers also draw attention to the fact that jumping rope is ideal for developing bone density. Many activities that are supposed to do that can be hard on your joints, such as jogging, but jumping rope offers this incredible benefit without the risk of damaging your ankles since the shock of impact will be absorbed by both your feet.



It’s an affordable piece of equipment

Even the most expensive jumping ropes on the market cost very little. If creating your own gym at home sounds like a faraway dream, start small and first buy a rope. You will get plenty of exercise, and you won’t have to worry about purchasing costly equipment. A rope and two small weights are enough of a starting investment, and your wallet won’t suffer because of this.


Highly portable

No matter where you go, you will always be able to take your jumping rope with you. This just means that you won’t have to worry about skipping exercise while away from home.